Another of our strengths in FLUJOMA is the Balancing Service. We are experts and pioneers in static and dynamic balancing of pieces subjected to high speed, such as: Spacers, impellers, shafts, discs, turbines, industrial fans, propellers, industrial drums, rotors, pulleys, crankshafts, screws, gears, etc.

With our balancing machineries we can balance pieces of 15.000 kgs with a diameter of 5 metres and 12 metres long.

We have a portable machine to offer a service at customer facilities whenever the pieces, given their size or weight, cannot be transported. Besides that, small and large pieces are supplied with the corresponding Balancing Certificate.


  • Balancers: Ø2500mm and 8m long.
  • Balancer: 15 TM, Ø5500mm and 12m long.
  • Portable balancer for balancing on site.