What we do

Machinery construction
Specialists in machinery construction, from pieces and machinery components, until full bodies, structures and big volumes, for all the industries.
We have big experience in fabrication: structures, screws, conducts, tanks, industrial fans, hidraulic pumps for fluids, screw pumps for cement, crushers, valves, O-SEPAS, feders, and more pieces for differents industries and activities.

Industrial Balancing
We are experts and pioneers in static and dynamic industrial balancing of pieces subjected to high speed, such as: Spacers, impellers, shafts, discs, turbines, industrial fans, propellers, industrial drums, rotors, pulleys, crankshafts, screws, gears, etc.

With our balancing machineries we can balance pieces of 15.000 kgs with a diameter of 5 metres and 12 metres long. Besides that, small and large pieces are supplied with the corresponding Balancing Certificate.

We offer maintenance assistance to machinery in general, manufacturing pieces and maintenance equipments for any type of industry. Thanks to our maintenance service, increases lifetime of the piece.

Assembly / Disassembly
Assembly, adjustment and disassembly of statics and rotatives equipments, as well as, assistant equipment and components, inside and outside our facilities.

Inspection tools
Laser for alignment and planeity, Ultrasoundsinspections and measuring equipment.

We have Approval to establish Certificates.